Fantasie Chocolate

Today, Fantasie Fine Chocolates is a 65 year brand name for exclusive handmade chocolates. It is the most famous Indian designer Chocolate, well known for its creamy milk, rich roasted almond rock & soft centred pralines and European style truffles.

What exactly makes up this magical, delicious world we call Fantasie? Creamy chocolate bars. Wondrous chocolate fountains. Giddyingly scrumptious treats for children, including chocolate jigsaws, lollypops and toys.

For adults, with a little bit of childhood still in them, we have a naughty collection of edible chocolate paint. For diabetics with good taste, we do a completely marvelous range of sugar-free chocolates.

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Zeba Kohli

A long, long time before. Before page 3. Before reality tv. Before the ipad. Many, many, many glorious years before. My grandfather, Mr. A Fazelbhoy, dreamt of making original, hand-crafted, artisanal chocolates in India.Chocolates that echoed the best of Swiss confectionary, but were made here in India. It seemed more a figment of his delicious imagination, a fantasy. And then, just like that, Fantasie chocolates came to being. With its own boutique in Marine Lines. I joined the company as a young apprentice in my early teens doing all odd jobs working as a peon to helping the company secretary. I dropped Science which was my original subject of choice and studied Commerce and accounts and did several stints in chocolate making.