You know how they say to be a great artist…the child inside you must always be active and alive. Children are curious souls that are tiny powerhouses of creative energy. To further fuel up the actor and visionary in them, Fantasie brings to you a fun Chocolate Game. The rules are simple, your kid can be the star of his own Fantasie Theater along with his/her special bunch of friends and create characters out of the mini craft apparatus we provide in each of these boxes. They create their own movie reels and perform it live while consuming our mini delights that come in this playful box. Are your  lil kids game for this?

3D Puzzle


You’d love to play this one! Just make sure the opponent does not eat the chocolate pieces before you get your 3D structure in place. P.S: There are no cheat codes for this game, the aim is eat the chocolate and let the happiness engulf your senses. 

Chocolate Dictionary


Here are words you’d never find in the urban dictionary. Our mini booklet of worlds related to chocolate and the art of chocolate making. Read on and impress the people around you with your sweet sensibilities.

Chocolate Game